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This is a game I made for the Community Game Jam 2019. Envisioned as a first-person shooter in which the player ended up being the villain, the storyline was not developed before the game jam was complete.

The player generates energy over time, displayed in the top left corner of the HUD. there are buildables throughout the players base that the player can use to build structures and empower themselves, or to aid in the defense of the core. To win, the player must destroy the red team's core. 

Multiplayer is non-functional at this time.



FPTD.zip 27 MB


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I've played your game. I like AI's. I hope you will develop it soon :)


Thank you so much for playing! I am pleased with how it is developing, but its still in very early alpha. Even watching your video has given me good feedback on how its played - thanks so much for taking the time!

It's so much fun for me :) You are welcome.