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I love it. The art is beautiful.

Hah thanks. We gotta work together again sometime


Nice animations. Nice idea. Nice little torch effect even on daylight. But the level design could have a minor update.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have suggestions for how the level design could be improved?

So I noticed that glitching, especially between the stones, could become a problem. Even if I have not found any glitches that give advantage, I would recommend to add temporary squares that shows the unpassable area in the game during the tests. I know Game Jams give a very short time for fixing minor things like glitches and I do not even know if the mechanics allow those squares for debugging but I think they could help.
Just a tip if you want to create a similar game in the future or want to continue this project. :)

Hey I appreciate it. Im just starting as a professional indie dev and I am doing these Jams to learn new skills and get practice. Every little bit helps.


It was neat, short, and sweet.  Very Zelda-ish feel, I think. You guys did well.

For some reason, there is a math error in Unity's browser cooking that causes the grid to keep appearing.  But that's just a problem with Unity, not the game itself.

Thanks! We discovered that a little late in the process to fix it an you are correct, its a fault of the unity engine.  Thanks for the feedback!